About us

Keep it Organic, Keep it Clean

OrganyClean is an enterprise which is dedicated in providing green and sustainable natural
cleaning products. These cleaning products are made from naturally derived and biodegradable
ingredients, thus OrganyClean not only contributes to having environment-friendly products but
also in having safe hygiene and sanitation.
Problems we are solving
-1- Chemical based cleaning products having bad effects on the environment, sanitation, and
human health.
-2- Organic wastes, for example, fruits peels from juice stores leftovers, thrown away in the garbage
mixed with other waste materials forming unpleasant reactions.
-3- Crops surplus can trigger farmers to dispose of their excess.
We provide eco-friendly natural derived cleaning products, by utilizing agro leftovers as cleaning
products to provide green and clean sanitation.

Our Products
OrganyClean offers several types of products each having at least an impact such as:
-1- Natural liquid cleaning products for hand washing, dishwashing, toilets, laundry, etc…
Impact: Provide safe hygiene and be environmental friendly cleanings.
-2- Bio cleaning pads made up from vegetables slices, used for hands and body cleaning.
Impact: Create new market opportunities for farmers.
-3- Bio cleaning powder made up from fruit peels, where it can be used as a multipurpose cleaner.
Impact: Contribute in partial organic wastes recycling